Sunday, May 17, 2009


PR people can often get so wrapped up in executing their approved PR plans for clients that they forget how important it is to stay nimble and jump immediately on opportunistic news events. Frankly, this is why all of our media people are broadcast, print and online news junkies. You can’t leverage opportunities if you don’t see them. For example, when a story broke recently on MSNBC about an antibiotic-resistant strain of acne, we jumped on it, recognizing the strategic opportunity it presented for our client, Zeno, which makes a terrific, over-the-counter device that gets rid of pimples within 24 hours for 90% of people. Within hours, we had secured a story on FOX News validating Zeno’s position as an effective option for those suffering from blemishes. Thus far, the segment has run on more than 30 FOX television stations nationwide, including affiliates in seven of the top 10 markets: New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Washington, DC and Houston. In all, we were able to reach more than 30 million viewers with Zeno’s efficacy message, while the company’s competitors were nowhere in sight. So, when you’re watching TV or reading the news, think about how that story might be relevant to your company or product and flock to it.