Thursday, September 3, 2009


We talk a lot here at Dynabrand about the concept of relevancy. In fact, relevance – along with distinction and focus – are the three key elements to building a strong brand image and form the foundation for the PR programs we develop for our clients. I saw a humorous case of overlooking that reality the other day as I was driving to a meeting on yet another scorching-hot summer day. As my fellow Austinites know, we are experiencing the hottest summer on record with nearly 70 days of 100-plus degree temperatures. At the entrance to a local shopping center was an employee of Schlotzky’s, the national deli chain that, incidentally, makes delicious sandwiches, holding up a large promotional sign that read: “GET TOASTY! TRY OUR OVEN-TOASTED SANDWICHES!” “Get Toasty?” On a 102-degree day at the tail-end of a summer-long heat wave that has left us all yearning to do anything but? Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE Schlotzky's! They're a great, Austin-based company and I want them to earn bread in addition to toasting it! Schlotzky's certainly could have leveraged their differentiated "toasty" positioning to build the brand during the summer time. For example, they could have done a fun Schlotzky's lifestyle survey (with the results sent to the media) about how people nationwide enjoy and stay cool during the toasty temperatures of summer. Or they could have leveraged the news the Austin heat wave has been generating and focused the survey on how Austinites are staying cool during these toasty times. That would have generated some fun, relevant and strategic media coverage for the brand. To motivate your target consumers to action, always make sure that your communications are as relevant as possible.